Month: March 2020

Jeff Bezos

Was the Motive Behind Jeff Bezos Leaked Explicit Photos for Financial or Political Gain

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The story unraveled to the public in January 2019 when Jeff Bezos announced his divorce from his wife, Mackenzie Bezos. Hours later, the National Enquirer revealed the extramarital affair Jeff Bezos had with Lauren Sanchez after a four-month investigation following the couple. The big announcement was rumored to be Bezos attempt to get ahead of ….  Read More

Israel’s cybersecurity strategy.

Israel’s Take on Cybersecurity

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Israel has surpassed China as the preferred place to apply venture capital (VC) investments in cybersecurity companies outside the U.S. The Amount of Investment into Israeli Cybersecurity To put the amount of investment into Israeli cybersecurity into numbers, in 2018, start-ups in Israel received almost 20% of the global VC cybersecurity investments, totalling $1.19 billion. ….  Read More