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4 Tips For Decorating Your Modern Office Space

Photo by Proxyclick Visitor Management System from Pexels

There are quite a few choices when it comes to designing a modern office. It could be that you have a specific look in mind, or you’re overwhelmed with all of the different office styles and choices available. Even if you’re only looking to change a few details in the workplace, making the right decision can still be tough.

Considering making office improvements is a good start in itself, as it’s important to take pride in your workplace and mix things up every now and then. It’s a great way to refresh the business without making any major changes such as rebranding or relocating but still gives that “all-new” feeling.

Upgrade Your Desk

Your desk is the focal point in your office, which is why it needs to be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to make the most of your office, you should prioritize the desk – doing so will allow the rest of the room to fall into place more easily.

You might change the shape or the material of your desk; switching from square to rectangle can make a huge difference in the way you arrange the other furniture. A circular desk will impact where you place the desk, as it cannot be directly planted against the wall. This is more of a casual style that lends itself to doubling as an eating area. A large reclaimed wood table can be used for both dining and hosting large meetings with colleagues in our new work from home era.

This helps you work towards building a more efficient workforce, with employees who feel like they have more freedom and space to communicate with and work as a team. 

Prioritize Lighting

There’s no better workspace than a bright, airy environment that allows ideas to flow easily. Natural Light has been proven to make people happier and more productive, which is helpful when it comes to building an efficient workforce. Reducing the need for artificial lighting can also help to lower energy costs in the long run, making more spare cash available to focus on other elements of the office.

Go Green

Adding plants to your office has been found to aid in productivity because it makes the space feel less like an office and more of a calming, natural area. It’s best to select a plant that does not need much maintenance or sunlight, lest you spend too much time tending to it. You can further enhance the effect of this by choosing to pair the plant with an eye-catching planter or pot.

Be Colourful

Boring traditional wall colors – like white or beige – will not make you feel inspired or creative. Plan colours just make it a drag to be in the room. With that in mind, you’ll need to add some well-paired colours to your new office.

A new coat of paint on the walls, as well as a few pieces of art, per and a new area rug are all potentially colorful accessories that can make the room feel fun and interesting to inhabit.