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2019 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet



Best Dressed on the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet

Performers love a chance to dress up and some of music’s biggest talents got that chance at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

The VMAs feature some of the boldest fashion statements of all the awards shows. Here are some of our best dressed favourites:

Shawn Mendes

Shawn wore a well tailored green Dolce & Gabbana suit. A good choice that gave the young star sophistication.


Normani wore a black sequined bikini top and asymmetrical skirt ensemble with exciting fiery colours by Nicolas Jebran. The best part? Her toned midriff.

Lil Nas X

Made famous by a country music rap song, it is no surprise that Lil Nas X’s look for the red carpet was one of a kind. He shone from head to toe in a shiny silver suit, with a cream coloured ruffled shirt and laced sleeves. Designer Cristian Cowan was inspired by Prince, and Lil Nas X may become a fashion icon himself.

Taylor Swift

Taylor brought a splash of colour with a beaded Versace mini blazer-dress, with a vibrant print, paired with rhinestone studded thigh high black boots. Outstanding!

Jonas Brothers

These three were an ensemble, with a theme of beige, white, black and grey. Nick and Kevin wore all black suits with jackets, with Nick wearing a tan shirt, while Kevin wore a black shirt. Joe wore a grey patterned, double-breasted suit jacket with a white shirt. A contemporary look.


Lizzo’s floor length, red sequined gown by Moschino had the word Siren stamped all over it. We knew that. Just from her red and white accented boa.

Camila Cabello

The stunning white satin dress that Camila wore had a V-neckline plunging to the waist, with tiny straps that went around her neck. The dress was artfully cut at the sides to show the waistline, and had a short skirt and long train. A true feat of engineering.

Keke Palmer

Keke gave classic glamour with a gold floor length gown, sequined and covered with Swarovski crystals designed by Yousef Aljasmi. Simple earrings and an updo completed the look.

Lance Bass

Lance posted two looks on his Instagram page and asked his fans to choose which one he should wear. The winner was: a suit of hot pink patterned material with a white shirt. His blue hair added colour.

Bebe Rexha

Bebe’s dress was decided upon and made just two hours prior to the VMAs by designer Christian Siriano. Amazing!

The metallic silver gown featured abundant cut outs, making a point about body positivity, a cause close to Bebe’s heart.

Fetty Wap

A white, grey and black colour scheme gives an air of classic business to Fetty’s suit, but Fetty makes it more up to date. The look was tailored yet unbound.


Monica wore a long gown with collar and sleeves that had horizontal layers of patterns and words and bright colours.

With so many unique looks, it was hard to choose favourites!