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Four Cool Highlights from CES 2020



Four Cool Highlights from CES 2020

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association puts on a convention of consumer technologies, where innovators can showcase their breakthrough technologies.

This convention, the CES, attracts innovators from all over the globe, and gives the world a sneak peek at what it can expect in the future.

The CES is a chance to see new ideas, and what technology is available in the marketplace or soon will be, or technology that is at the conceptual stage that needs more time and development.

Here are four amazing ideas and gadgets that were introduced at the CES for 2020:

1. Flying Taxi Rides

This is from the “conceptual stage” category.

Uber and Hyundai presented a full-size mock up of a flying taxi at the convention. Imagine being able to catch a taxi and fly above all of the traffic!

The plane, called Uberdai, will be electric and will carry a pilot and three passengers at speeds of up to 180mph. Eventually, they hope that the airplane can be automated.

These flying taxis are expected to be giving rides by 2023.

2. HDR TV’s Are Better Than Ever

High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV’s will be better than ever, thanks to Dolby Vision IQ. Dolby Vision IQ makes shows and movies look their best, regardless of what room the TV may be in, for example a bright room, or what time of day it may be.

Dolby Vision IQ uses the dynamic metadata encoded in Dolby Vision content along with the TV’s embedded light sensor and uses this information to change the picture settings to optimize the TV’s picture in HD.

The first two TV’s to use this new technology were announced at CES 2020, which were the Panasonic HZ2000 OLED and LG Gallery series OLED.

3. A Streaming Service That Is Mobile-Only

Quibi, an American short-form mobile video platform, unveiled a mobile-only streaming service, to be launched April 6th.

What is special is that Quibi has found a way to optimize video for both portrait and landscape viewing, not by “shrinking TV onto phones” but by creating something new.

They will make 5-10-minute episodes for those “in between” moments of viewing time, such as waiting at a doctor’s appointment, while taking advantage of a phone’s features like the touch screen, GPS function, gyroscope and clock.

4. A Bot Chef That Will Help You with Dinner

The Samsung Bot Chef is a pair of robotic arms for your smart kitchen that can create salads on command. In fact, it is programmed to make up 35 salad recipes.

The Bot Chef is called a gourmet collaborative robot, or “cobot” by Samsung, and uses AI and computer vision algorithms to do things like look through cabinets, sort ingredients and mix them.

When asked to make coffee in a demo, the Bot Chef confessed it didn’t know how, so it was told to download that skill. It did, and then interacted with a traditional coffee machine. It was capable of learning!

These are just four highlights of the amazing technology that the CES 2020 convention offered!