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Fun Ways to Stay Active this Fall



Fun Ways to Stay Active this Fall

With the arrival of fall, many people have likely given up on their fitness routine, as they no longer have to worry about flaunting a perfectly sculpted summer-body—the season of dressing warm and packing on layers is upon us.

However, some people may not have achieved the summer body of their dreams this season and would like to get an early jump on making sure they do achieve their desired physique next season.

Below is a list of autumn exercises for those looking to stay active this fall.

Get Out of Your Chair

One of the biggest deterrents to people achieving their fitness goals is inactivity. However, when people hear this, they often assume to combat this they have to spend hours in the gym every week—something that many people struggle to actually do.

In reality, inactivity can be combatted simply by getting up and moving around more. Walking more is one of the best ways to avoid inactivity.

When you have the chance, take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator; instead of eating lunch at your desk, get up and go for a walk—you can even walk to that new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try; If you have pets, rather than just let them run around in the yard, strap on their leash and take them for a walk around the block.

Going for a walk during autumn is also a great time to enjoy the crisp, cool temperatures, and the vibrant colors of the leaves.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Activities

Another great way to get off your chair and move around more is taking advantage of the autumn seasonal events that many places offer.

You can get out and stretch your arms and legs by going apple or pumpkin picking; for those looking to maximize their daily steps, consider attending a fair and walking through the corn maze—a great chance to work out your muscles and your mind; or, now that football season has returned, you could ditch the fantasy football and gather some friends and get out and play a game of touch (or, if you’re feeling brave—tackle) yourselves.

If you want to get out and experience nature, you can also pack some essentials and go for a hike—the fall is the great time for it as the cooler weather provides a refreshing atmosphere that will leave you feeling invigorated.


A great way to get in touch with your body, and improve your physical well-being is through yoga. It fosters strength, flexibility, and balance—and it also can help you clear your find if you’re feeling particularly stressed.

There are plenty of different classes you can try out that can achieve different results—whether you want to focus on core strength, flexibility. If you’re looking for something more challenging that incorporates some cardio into the workout as well, you can try out Pilates.

And, for people who aren’t fans of the dropping temperatures, there’s the option of hot yoga.