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Gadgets for People who Love Entertaining



Gadgets for People Who Love Entertaining

Technology has done a lot to streamline our lives in such a short period of time. As modern technology has advanced, our lives have become more streamlined and we’ve managed to cut out a lot of unnecessary aspects of our lives over the last few years.

While our work lives have certainly become easier thanks to technological advancements over the last few years, our social lives have also been impacted. Now, you can setup a date, make plans with friends, and even order food from your phone.

If you’re a fan of hosting parties and entertaining your friends, you’ll definitely want to check out these devices that will make your dinner parties easier and more fun.

Skybell HD

One thing that is consistent about dinner parties is no one ever seems to arrive at the same time. No matter what time you tell people to show up, invariably some people show up late, some people show up early, and, every so often, someone actually shows up when you told them to.

This can slow things down immensely, particularly in the kitchen when you’re trying to get the food ready, but you’re constantly having to run to the door to let people in.

With the Skybell HD this is no longer an issue, as it has a video feed that lets you see and hear whoever’s at the door, and you can even let them inside from your phone.

Plus the Skybell HD can also add some great security features that will help you feel safer in your home.

Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale

Every friend group has that one friend who fancies themself a bartender, yet whenever they mix drinks people always wake up the next morning feel terrible and with no memory of the evening’s proceedings.

Now, with the Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale, you don’t have to worry about messing up a drink recipe, as this scale tells you how much alcohol and mixes to add for the perfect drink every time.

It even has the ability to make adjustments if you accidentally pour too much alcohol in your drink.

It comes with an app for your smartphone that has hundreds of recipes, as well as alterations to recipes—in case you wanted to make a pitcher instead of a single drink.

WowWee MiP Robot

Rather than shelling out tons of money to hire a crew to serve drinks and appetizers at your next party, you could grab this little guy, and have a robot serve your guests.

The MiP robot can even dance and do tricks, and it follows gesture commands, and it can even be instructed to follow physical objects around—a great feature for that person who always needs a new drink.

It also comes with a smartphone app you can download to control it from your phone.  However, it’s only 8 inches tall, so if you do plan on using it to serve drinks, just make sure your guests are okay with bending over.