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These Apps Will Improve Your Productivity and Keep You Motivated



These Apps Will Improve Your Productivity and Keep You Motivated

If you’re looking for help with productivity these apps provide that help. You will get more work done in less time, and your job will be easier.

We looked at productivity apps and here are our favourites:


Productivity begins with a calendar!  This app simplifies scheduling by allowing anyone to choose and book a meeting time, while ensuring that there are no pre-existing or conflicting meetings.

You will continue to go to this app not only because it saves you time and effort, but because it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop a tailored experience. The analytics of Calendar show you where your time is spent and finds ways to save more time.


This project management app is easier to learn and work with because it is intuitive, and allows you to get more done by making collaboration easier.

Big projects are broken down into manageable chunks with “cards” for every task. You can have columns for each phase of a project and drag the cards to the next column as each phase is completed.

These cards contain all the information that you need at a glance.

You can collaborate with your team anywhere, because Trello can be in sync across all of your devices.


Social media allows businesses to be in direct contact with customers, but it also means that posting and responding to comments needs to be managed, which is time consuming. Hootsuite saves you time by doing just that. It allows your business to update and answer comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn pages from the same screen. No logging into each individual platform!

Hootsuite has a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule every post you plan to make for the next week or month, with one log in. Hootsuite automatically posts content at the time you specify, so you set it up, and it’s done.


Zapier allows communication between apps that usually can’t communication with each other. You can integrate by linking your web apps so that they can share data, automate to pass information between apps with workflows they call Zaps, and innovate by building processes faster and getting more done. No coding required!

All you need to do is select the business software that you want to build customized workflows with, and this app works with over 1,000 tools so it is unlikely that your software choice won’t be available


This is a “todo” list app that keeps track of everything in one place, increasing the likelihood of things getting done.

To use, write down everything that you need to get done. The software is intelligent, and will interpret and categorize the tasks.

While this app will help individuals with their productivity, it can also be applied to a team. You can plan projects and assign tasks, review details of a project and monitor deadlines.

You will continue to be motivated to get things done when you see how easy it is to be more productive with these apps.