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Let Your Scale Help You with Your Health Goals



Let Your Scale Help You with Your Health Goals

Good health is something you don’t want to lose, and starting healthy habits can help you avoid problems.

A major concern for most people is weight. You can improve your health by maintaining a good weight. Monitoring your weight takes some self-discipline, but digital scales and smart scales can help you achieve your goals.  Here’s how:

Scales are used to weigh yourself, and knowing your weight means you know exactly how close you are to your ideal weight.  You can’t kid yourself. The number is the number. By keeping track of your weight, you can see any progress you have made regarding weight loss or gain.

Digital Scales

Digital scales are designed with precision and as a result are more reliable than analog scales. In spite of their engineering, digital scales are usually easier to use and calibrate than manual scales, and they’re easier to read.

They are also built with innovated advances so that the reading you get is extremely accurate, with a margin of error that is practically zero.

Their designs are better than ever. They don’t take up a lot of space, and if you do want to move them, they are usually very light and can be moved easily.

They may be more expensive than analog and manual scales, but they are easier to use, more comfortable and more accurate.

Smart Scales

As always, the question is, is the technology worth it?

A smart scale is electronic, and it measures weight along with other body composition metrics, which it sends wirelessly to an app or online service that records the data.

The kind of metrics measured are generally body water and the body mass index or BMI. The BMI is a measurement of your weight with respect to your height and sex, indicating your total body fat.

Weight is an exact number, but the BMI is based on calculations, which can be monitored as well.

The smart scale can keep track of the weight and metrics of more than one person, so it is great for the whole family. It can keep track over a long period of time, so that trends can be recognized.

You don’t have to look at the scale and see numbers!  For those whose mood can go up or down depending on the number, the app or online service keeps track.

A smart scale makes it easy to develop the habit of weighing yourself every day, bringing much more awareness of your weight, and motivating you to track your weight.  You don’t have to find a pen and paper and record it.  It updates into your phone or computer.

Smart scales can be used in conjunction with a fitness tracker such a Fitbit to maximize your fitness data. You will get more insight into how exercise, different activities, sleep and food intake affect your weight.

Healthy habits start one step at a time.  Step onto a scale every day and self-discipline won’t be needed as much. It becomes something you just do.