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Six Steps that Make it Easy to Clean your iPhone



Six Steps that Make it Easy to Clean your iPhone

It is more important now than ever to clean and disinfect your iPhone. The temptation might be to use products that could harm your device. Read these iPhone cleaning tips to find out what you need to know.

Here is a guide on how to clean your iPhone:

1. When your iPhone Needs Immediate Cleaning

If your iPhone comes in contact with anything that might cause stains or other damage, clean it immediately. That includes things like dirt or sand, ink, makeup, soap, detergent, acids or acidic foods or lotions.

2. Take your iPhone out of its Case

Just slip it out of its slip-on case, but if you have something like an Otterbox Defender, be sure you check out their website to find the best way to remove it, without damaging it, or your iPhone.

3. Wipe it Down with a Cloth

First, make sure your iPhone isn’t plugged in, and unplug all cables and turn the phone off.

Use microfiber cloths to wipe down your iPhone. Don’t use paper towels, because they are too abrasive, and don’t use toilet paper because it will leave lint.

Make sure the cloth you use is as dry as possible, and even if your phone is waterproof, make sure you don’t let any moisture get into any openings like the charging port or speaker screen.

Most of all, don’t use compressed air. Compressed air will push everything deeper into openings and you’ll never be able to get it out.

4. Cleaning Products to Use

Gently wipe exterior surfaces with a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, or use warm, soapy water with a microfiber cloth, making it as dry as possible.

Lysol or any aerosol-based cleaner should never be used, or bleach, or any cleaner that is abrasive. Using any of those above-mentioned cleaners will destroy your phone!

5. Determine if you Want to Keep your Case

You may love your case and it may have served you well, but consider throwing it away. Especially if you have had it for a while.

The reason for having a case is to save wear and tear on your iPhone, and if the case has done its job, it may already have cracking and wear anyway. Its also a place for viruses and such to hide and live!

If the case still has life, if it is hard plastic, give it a good clean with disinfectant wipes. If it is fabric or leather, use mild soap to gently clean the surface, and dry with a microfiber cloth.

6. Clean your iPhone Often

Coronavirus has made it more important than ever to practice good hygiene and clean your phone on a regular basis.

You need to be careful to use the right cleaners, because using anything too harsh too often will make you damage your phone.

It is important that you keep your iPhone clean and disinfected, but luckily it is easy to do!