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Get Outdoors to Do Your Workout



Skip the Gym Membership and Get Outdoors to Do Your Workout

You spent a lot of money on the gym membership and you kick yourself for not going. Those times you actually went to the gym, it was packed and you had to wait for equipment to work out on.

You want to stay fit, but don’t want to go to the gym. No problem. Do your workout outside!  Here are six outdoor workouts that require no equipment, and will make you wonder why anyone would want to workout inside at all:

1. Walking and Running

Full body workout

The most simple of workouts. There are no busy times or crowds. You can walk or run at a pace that is good for you, and you can have someone join you if you want to make things more interesting, or you can bring along your dog so that you both benefit.

You can take advantage of the terrain and go up and down hills to add to the difficulty and increase fitness gains.

2. Pull-Ups

Targets biceps, shoulders, and back

Find a sturdy branch of a tree, or a horizontal pole, such as monkey bars in a play park. Use your arms to lift your head above the branch or pole and ease yourself back down as slowly as you can. See how many you can do in 60 seconds.

3. Park Bench Push-Up

Targets chest and shoulders

Put your feet on the park bench and your hands on the ground, belly down. Do 10 push-ups, rest briefly and repeat twice.

4. Bench Hops

Targets glutes and quads

Find a bench. Sit on the edge of the bench. From there, jump in the air as high as you can, throwing up your arms to help you jump, and then go back to the seated position. Do this for 60 seconds.

5. Tightrope Walk

Targets calves, quads, core

You can use a curb or fallen tree for this, as long as the tree has a smooth surface.  In order to get a workout, it should be at least 6 feet long.

Walk across this “tightrope” with your arms raised out to the sides. Turn around on the balls of your feet to go the opposite way. It’s a great way to work on your balance. Walk the tightrope twice.

6. Body Weight Squats

Targets glutes and quads

Keep your feet hip-distance apart, with your weight in your heels. With your eyes facing forward and chest up, push your buttocks out and down as if you were going to sit in a chair. Do 12 of these.

If you want to add some fun, play your favourite song and start squatting. When the chorus comes in, hold the squat at the bottom position and hold it until the chorus has finished. Just be careful what song you choose! When the verse starts again, continue on.

The bonus of outdoor workouts is the fresh air, the sun with its vitamin D and being a part of life out in the world. Imagine the money you’ll save!