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Sony Unveils Its Newest Electric Concept Car Prototype and It’s Promising



Sony Unveils Its Newest Electric Concept Car Prototype and It’s Promising

Sony stole the show at this year’s CES with its futuristic concept car, the Vision-S. Unlike other cars of its kind like Ford’s Mustang Mach-E and its 15.5-inch touchscreen in the center of the dashboard, the Vision-S integrates Sony’s newest technologies in a practical way both inside and outside. Although state-of-the-art, Sony won’t be mass producing the Vision-S any time soon, nor will it be offering a limited run. But it gives a glimpse of the future of electric cars.

More Than Just Shiny

It’s silver and chic and does more than drive and play the radio. Inside, the dashboard is made up of three screens with the middle and passenger screen being touch screens. Both the driver and passenger can easily use these screens to access the car’s media controls, which include Sony-owned movies and licensed music. The other tabs include vehicle settings and a games tab that wasn’t working at the time of the showing.

A Satisfying User Experience

The concept car prototype functions smoothly – transition animations are clever and fluid, which make using it satisfying as you swipe through. Its user interface includes a separate console that’s a touchpad to swipe through menus and responds to multitouch gestures. It can also be used to control the temperature and a big silver dial below it can be used to adjust the volume and has many other purposes.

Backseat passengers won’t be left without – there are two touch screens on the back of the front seat headrests that don’t just play movies, but gives passengers access media features as well. The back headrests have speakers, which make it possible to have two different movies playing at the same time.

Safety First

The Vision-S has 35 sensors inside and outside the car. The sensors on the outside are able to detect what a person can’t and can prevent any accidents that may occur. Coined the “Safety Cocoon,” the outside sensors provide 360-degree protection. If the driver accidentally nods off or gets distracted, the sensors inside the car can detect the lack of movement and alert the person.

The Car of the Future

According to Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo, the Vision-S showcases the many talents of what the company can provide as well as all the potential possibilities for even more features. It was designed to determine the engineering logistics so that the company can find what they do best when it comes to electric automobiles – even autonomous ones.

The technology infused car transforms the quintessential car ride from a passive trip to an active experience. As 5G becomes the standard, the possibilities of what you can do in your car can be endless. In addition to entertainment, there’s also navigation and information possibilities. More and more industries can collaborate to innovate even more for safety features, entertainment features, and practical features to make life even more efficient.

The Vision-S is shiny and jaw dropping and gives the world a glimpse into what people can do in their cars beyond driving and listening to the radio.