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The Best Free Entertainment That’s Also Educational for the Whole Family



The Best Free Entertainment That’s Also Educational for the Whole Family

The world, whether its people like it or not, is at a standstill. People who aren’t on the frontlines treating the coronavirus or aren’t considered an “essential worker” under lockdown restrictions must stay home to prevent catastrophic spread until the pandemic is under control. Staying safe at home isn’t the worst consequence, but because school and work is out parents and children have found themselves with a lot of time on their hands…and a lot of homeschooling to do. Not every parent is made to play both roles, however, they are able to find other ways to stimulate their children’s brains!

Free Entertainment and Education

Leaving the school curriculum to the pros and online learning, parents can fill in the rest of the time with enrichment disguised as entertainment that doesn’t involve any extra screen time! Here are some ways to get your kids learning.

Audible Stories

One of the best free entertainment options out there is Audible Stories. As a response to the pandemic, Audible now offers hand-picked titles for families for free as long as school’s out. According to Audible, the collection provides a range of titles aimed at children in pre-K all the way to adult titles that include Winnie the Pooh and Jane Eyre. The service is indefinitely free until school’s back in session. That means the entire family can enjoy new and classic titles to listen together.

Educational Podcasts

If you need a break from tales from Alice’s Wonderland, there are numerous educational podcasts available for every age range that educate and entertain. There are podcasts for kids that are also adult-friendly too! Families can listen to episodes together or separately and then discuss what they’ve learned. And when everyone’s allowed to go outside again, they can keep listening and learning during car rides.

Check out some of the best educational podcasts:

You’re in the clear, parents, you’ll never have to stutter a guess to the many “why’s” your kids keep asking you nonstop. You can encourage your children to write down all of their burning questions to keep them curious.

Take a deep dive in to subjects you didn’t even know were so important. From the history of the classic board game Monopoly to uncovering the dark web, the whole family can learn a lot.

Something adults have lost is their burning curiosity and imagination, but children are full of “what if” scenarios. This podcast takes in “what if” suggestions and transforms them into fun news stories.

Best Free Entertainment Options

There should always be some room for some fun. So, in between Audible Stories and podcasts, there are hundreds of free things to do on the Internet when you’re bored. You can virtually visit world famous theatres, Disney World, and explore the world using Google Street View all in the comfort of your home.

In any case, it’s important to diversify your entertainment so that TikTok doesn’t eat up all the time of your day.