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The Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones Wireless Earbuds Combines Wireless Freedom with Excellent Sound



The Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones Wireless Earbuds Combines Wireless Freedom with Excellent Sound

Everyone wants to have Bluetooth wireless earbuds that perform well and The Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones Wireless Earbuds provide the kind of performance that will please a whole host of different users.

Here are nine features that make the Razer Hammerhead TWS Earbuds ideal for gaming, active lifestyles or just audio enjoyment:

1. Their Audio Stays Synced with Your Device

Hammerhead Earphones have a very low input latency, so they stay synced and don’t lag and stutter. That makes for a more immersive experience of videos and music, and gives a competitive advantage when gaming.

2. They’re Ideal for an Active Lifestyle

Hammerhead Earphones are IP rated at X4 – which means they are protected from splashing water, no matter the direction. That also means that you can wear these earbuds during many outdoor activities, including working out to your favorite playlists.

3. Bluetooth 5.0 Technology Provides the Best Audio Experience

Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides good speed and range, with a wireless range up to 30 feet.

Hammerhead earphones deliver true wireless stereo technology, with left and right ear wireless connection. The listener experiences 3D stereo sound, perfect for getting the most enjoyment out of any music!

These earbuds feature dynamic 13 mm drivers that are custom-tuned. The dynamic driver makes for the best, deepest bass, and audio quality that produces distinct trebles and midrange.

4. TWS Technology Means True Wireless Stereo

TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo. The left and right earbud are independent of each other, and when two separate earbuds are near each other, they match automatically, and create a double channel stereo. This produces high quality sound, and clear and stable music.

5. These Earbuds are Small and Light

Because they are small and light, they are comfortable. The earbud sleeves are made of silicone, which adds to the comfort and the secure fit.

6. These Earbuds Have Many Touch-Enabled Features and Are Easy to Use

The touch interface on these earbuds can be used to play music, change tracks or pause, manage calls and activate your voice assistant on your smartphone. Just pick up the headset and it will automatically boot the internet.

Pressing and holding for half a second plays or pauses media, holding for two seconds activates the assistant on your phone, holding for six seconds activates pairing mode, double-tapping skips to the next track, and triple-tapping returns to the previous track. The low-latency gaming mode can be activated by triple-tapping and holding for two seconds.

7. These Earbuds Last and Last

These earbuds can last up to 16 hours, thanks to their charging case and Bluetooth, which require less power.

8. These Earbuds Auto-Pair with Their Last Paired Device

It’s easy to handle these earbuds when they automatically connect with the last device they were paired with!

9. The Earbuds Will Store in a Compact, Convenient Case

The earbuds come in a case that hold them securely and keeps them charged when not in use. The charge time is 1.5 hours.