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New 13” MacBook Pro



Touch, Don’t Click Your Functions with the New 13” MacBook Pro

Apple has upgraded its MacBook Pro series by adding the Touch Bar to its entry-level MacBook. And at the same time, the new MacBook Air was also given an upgrade. It replaces the 12” MacBook Pro as the new-entry level laptop, putting the 12” MacBook Pro to rest. This makes the MacBook Air the best option for those who can’t be bothered with the Touch Bar and are looking for more affordable.

The OLED Touch Bar

New Apple MacBook Pro owners will now have to learn how the Touch Bar helps with day-to-day tasks. Introduced in 2016, the Touch Bar was meant to adapt to the user’s habits and to make suggestions and shortcuts for frequently used keystrokes. At first, the OLED strip was seen as a gimmick, but from its introduction to the new MacBook Pro 13”, it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay.

What the Touch Bar Can Do

Apple laptops haven’t been outfitted with a multi-touch display since that’s the point of the iPad. But the Touch Bar is another feature that is supposed to make daily use more efficient and predictable for convenient use.

Touch Bar features:

  • Control Strip

On the right side of the Touch Bar is the Control Strip that has familiar functions such as power, volume, mute, display brightness, and Siri.

  • FN Keyboard

Access The F1-F2 keyboard functions on the Touch Bar by pressing FN on your keyboard.

  • Touch ID

Use your fingerprint for convenience and security when you save your fingerprint onto the Touch ID. This allows for quick account switches and confirming online purchases.

  • 10 Simultaneous Functions

If you want your MacBook Pro to do 10 things at once, it can. You can choose a command for each finger to get whatever you need done simultaneously. This automation allows the Touch Bar to learn your frequently used functions to automatically suggest them in the future for convenient multitasking.

  • Automatic Reaction

The Touch Bar changes functions automatically depending on whatever app is in use.

  • Customizable

Arrange your key functions however you like and with third-party applications, you can add or remove any functions that you want.

Is the Touch Bar Worth It?

According to Apple MacBook Pro reviews, the Touch Bar isn’t revolutionary, but it’s helpful. It’s also not the only star feature of the improved MacBook Pro. Its performance supersedes its predecessors with its display, speakers, and speed.

The display will make you notice every detail while streaming your favorite movie. Its speakers can project audio in a loud room on 50% without altering the quality. And finally, it can handle 10 functions simultaneously, as mentioned earlier. Even with 35 tabs and several programs open, the MacBook functions seamlessly without overheating.

Although the end has come for the 12” MacBook Pro, Apple offers smarter options with Touch Bar functions on all of their Pro models. And for those who can’t be bothered to learn to use it or don’t see a need for it, the upgraded MacBook Air fills the space the 12” MacBook Pro left as the more affordable option.