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What Makes the Technology Inside Mazda Vehicles So Cool?

Cars have always been sophisticated machines, but modern vehicles have taken things up a notch or two. From a distance, it may seem like all cars are the same — you press the pedal down, and they go forward or stop. 

Of course, once you’re behind the wheel and you feel the sensitivity, responsiveness, and the power behind the engine, the perspective changes. Plus, today’s vehicles are filled with all kinds of sophisticated and advanced technology to keep drivers and passengers informed, entertained, and safe.

Let’s check out some of the newest Mazda vehicles to see what makes their technology so cool.

i-Activ AWD

Mazdas with i-Activ All Wheel Drive use 27 sensors to monitor road conditions 200 times a second. The vehicle takes various factors into account, from steering angle to outside temperature and more. 

Then, the vehicle can adjust itself accordingly based on current road conditions. 

Skyactiv Vehicle Technology

Mazda’s underlying driving system, known as Skyactiv Vehicle architecture, is very sophisticated. Everything from the way the body is constructed to the engine’s design is optimized for efficiency and excellent driver dynamics. 

You’ll feel the connection between you and the vehicle when you’re behind the wheel of a Mazda. You won’t believe how the vehicle seems to anticipate and accommodate your every intention while driving.

Advanced Safety Tech

Mazda’s available i-Activsense safety features make driving effortlessly safer for you and everyone on the road. Here are just some of the features that come in the suite:

  • Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Smart City Brake Support
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control

Some Mazda vehicles go even a step beyond this, with extra advanced features like automatic on/off headlights and rain-sensing windshield wipers. Most car manufacturers have a version of modern safety technology, but Mazda’s is very intuitive, effective, and innovative.

Smart Infotainment Centre

Whether you want to interface with a responsive touchscreen or use voice-activated commands, using your Android or Apple smartphone safely behind the wheel has never been easier. Enjoy an intuitive experience when relying on your phone to communicate, navigate, or listen to music. 

Plus, Mazda vehicles like the Mazda3 Sport sound like a concert hall inside because of the strategically-placed Bose speakers. Your favourite music will sound great at any volume — from the low thud of the bass drum to the piercing sound of a trumpet, the full spectrum of sound will ring as clear as a bell.

Some of Mazda’s new vehicles like the Mazda3 Sport have the quietest cabin ever offered by the manufacturer. This quiet will help inspire serenity while driving, even in dense gridlock. It’s also the perfect sonic backdrop for listening to your favourite songs in the car.

Decades ago, the very idea of a car impressed people. Now, vehicles have been refined to the point where the transmission and engine are themselves stunning pieces of technology, and other incredible technologies like smartphones interact seamlessly with the vehicle. In such an impressive age of innovation, Mazda makes tech that truly stands out.