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You’ll Enjoy Your Kitchen More with a High-Tech Smart Stove



You’ll Enjoy Your Kitchen More with a High-Tech Smart Stove

Home appliances in the kitchen are now becoming part of the IoT (the internet of things). In essence, IoT means anything that is connected to the internet, or devices that are connected together.

These connected devices, when paired with automated systems, can gather information, analyze it, and create an action that helps a user with a task, with the capability to learn a process.

The benefits of IoT can be seen in many features in your kitchen appliances and the new high-tech smart stoves. Here’s a list of the features:

Routine Tasks

A stove that can handle routine tasks for you opens up time and frees you to do other things. You can get precise information about current settings, the oven’s temperature and remaining cooking time on your way home from work, thanks to a tap or two and Wi-Fi and companion apps.

Making a meal is a way to bring people together, but you don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen making a meal. You can check on things with a tap on your phone while socializing with family or friends.

Even Cooking

Smart stoves have advanced convection ovens that ensure that your food is evenly cooked regardless of temperature and time settings.

Two Ovens in One

Smart stoves save you time. Before, if you wanted to bake more than one thing, you had to bake them one at a time. There are now stoves that have features that allow one oven to turn into two with a simple insert that acts as an oven divider. Each side has its own temperature, and even smells from one oven won’t go over into the other.

Some smart stoves are connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can get cooking temperatures and cooking time left by talking to them instead of checking manually or having to turn on your phone.

Ingredient, Recipe and Preparation Help

Smart stoves can connect with Yummly, an app that contains thousands of recipes. If you don’t know what to cook, use the Yummly app on your phone and pan your phone’s camera over what you have in the fridge, and Yummly will identify what’s there and come up with a recipe using those ingredients. Who couldn’t use that feature?

It also has how-to videos to help with meal preparation, such as techniques on how to chop onions, or complete meal instructions. Yummly can even send cooking times and temperatures to the stove, to make it foolproof! 

Clean Up

After you have enjoyed a meal, smart dishwashers can help with the clean up! Some now have a feature where you can target the cleaning to specific sections of the dishwasher so that you can have wine glasses and pots in one load and have them custom cleaned, and it can all be controlled by your smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity.

You will get more use out of your kitchen than ever before, but you will spend less time there.