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2019’s Best Drone Companies and Their Models


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2020’s Best Drone Companies and Their Models

The drone industry has seen a popularity boom since 2015 when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced hundreds of exceptions for company drone use. This pushed drones into commercial use and created a regulatory framework for everyday consumers to add their names to a drone registry. Drone companies and manufacturers took this opportunity to create the lucrative drone industry for consumer use.

It was the smart choice because all regulations aside, people find flying a drone a cool and fun pastime where they can practice their pilot and recording skills for both professional and personal cinematic aerial shots without the need to rent a helicopter.

Owning a Drone

Before we get into the best drones to buy and the top drone companies, it’s important to remember that there are laws (not suggestions, unfortunately) around drone use that you should keep in mind or else the government might think you’re a foreign spy. Here are the optimal conditions you and your drone should have during use:

  • You ‘re on the FAA’s Drone Registry if your drone is over 250g/8.8 oz ($5 fee for recreational flyers).
  • Your FAA identification number is written clearly on your drone.
  • Your drone stays under 400 ft. while operating.
  • You’re not using your drone to make money.
  • And if you are making money and have a full-scale, professional drone, you have the license to use it.

The Best Drones of 2020

The three main qualities you should consider in a good drone is its camera quality, portability, and the level of difficulty of operation. Another thing to consider is the company that manufactures the drone. Currently three of the top drone companies and their best drones are:

At the top of the drone market is the Chinese company, DJI. Drone enthusiasts say that DJI is always a few steps ahead of its competition and has several models at different price points for a wider consumer base. Their products are more expensive than others due to higher import tariffs.

  • Parrot Bebop 2.0 and ANAFI ($599.99 USD for both)

Based in France, Parrot makes some of the best drones on the market. In addition to manufacturing drones, the company also designs, develops, and markets other smartphone and tablet products for consumers.

Another Chinese drone company, Yuneec has been a top player in the aircraft industry since 1999 and launched the first voice-controlled drone, the Mantis Q in 2018, after the launch of the Typhoon H520 in 2017.

What Purpose Will Your Drone Serve?

Overall, what you want to do with your drone should determine the right drone for you. If you don’t want to drop a thousand dollars on a drone, there are many high-quality toy drones, racing drones, selfie drones, the list can go on, but if you can name a desired drone purpose there’s probably a drone that works for it. There are also drones that are under $100 for experimental first-time drone pilots who want to see what all the fuss is about!