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3 Ridiculously Fun Adult Birthday Party Ideas


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3 Ridiculously Fun Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Putting together a can’t-miss birthday party is a little tricky when you’re an adult. As a kid, all you needed to do was promise a slice of cake and maybe some costumes, and you’d have the entire class lining up to attend. But, as an adult, you have to contend with everyone’s busy schedules, as well as everyone’s overriding desire to just stay home and throw on Netflix.

A slice of cake doesn’t cut it anymore. For adult birthday parties, you have to look past all the frilly decorations and over-sugared desserts, towards what really matters in life: having an obscene amount of fun. If you want your party to be talked about for months to come, forego the house party, forego the crowded bar, and try one of these three ridiculously fun ideas, which can easily be done in sequence for one magical evening.  

For Those Who Really Want to “Throw Down”: Axe Throwing

There’s a solid reason axe throwing shows up on all the roundups of the “best birthday party ideas in your area”, whether on Yelp, Tripadvisor or your local arts and culture mag. That reason is that axe throwing is super fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time trying it, or your hundredth, there’s a powerful thrill to be felt hurling a real axe at a wooden target.

Because of its popularity, a lot of parties are going to have the same idea, so book your adult birthday party today if you want to go axe throwing. With a booking, you get a free axe throwing tutorial from a pro, as well as access to a licensed bar and food – oh, and a “friendly: competition to see who among your friends is the ultimate axe thrower.

For Those Looking for a Little Birthday Kitsch: A Tiki Bar

With everyone’s adrenaline running high from the axe throwing party, keep that momentum strong with your choice of bar. Rather than settle down at a chewed up table at some dingy bar, to pay $8 for a stale beer, head to a Tiki bar.

These Hawaiian themed bars, popular in the 70s, are making a big comeback. Why? Well, not exactly for the same reason your grandma used to like them. They’re more of an ironic, kitschy talking point these days – glitzily designed bars serving elaborate cocktails with little umbrellas, palm leaf designs and dry ice volcanoes. Embrace the kitsch!

For Those Who Want to End the Night with a Song: Private Karaoke

There’s no better end-of-the-night spot than karaoke. You’ve thrown all your frustrations away at axe throwing, embraced your inner 70’s vacationer at a Tiki bar, and now it’s time to lose all inhibition. But rather than attend a communal karaoke, where the microphones are often hogged by drunken regulars, try a private karaoke.

Usually billed by the half-hour (15 minutes at some places, an hour at others), karaoke is an affordable way to end the night on a silly note. Whether it’s belting Queen songs or crooning some Sinatra, karaoke is the logical end to an insanely fun evening.

If you want people to not only attend your birthday, but talk about it for ages, try these ridiculously fun ideas. If you time the evening right, you can easily do all three!