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Canada’s Top Five Best Jobs in 2019


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Canada’s Top Five Best Jobs in 2020

The career path you choose is one of the most important decisions you have to make. You know your talents and interests, but how do you apply them? Where do you direct your energy?

Job ranking gives you direction on what the most promising jobs are, based on salaries, employment growth and future prospects.

Here’s a list of five jobs with the best career prospects in 2020:

1. Nurse Practitioner

An aging population has led to an increasing demand for careers in the health care industry. Nurse practitioners provide a variety of services in their work providing primary health-care alongside doctors and other professionals.

Work in this field includes work in community clinics, birthing centres or hospitals, reflecting a wide range of job duties.

There has been a 75% increase in the number of people employed in this field in the last five years, and the government predicts that by 2024, there will be more jobs than people looking for work in this field.

2. Dentist

Dentists contribute to your oral health by diagnosing, treating and preventing tooth and mouth problems.

In order to be a dentist, you must get a university degree from a recognized dental program. From there, you have to be licensed by a provincial or territorial regulatory body.

Over the past five years the number of dentists has increased by 63%, and the government predicts that there will be more growth, leading to there being more jobs than people looking for work by 2024.

3. Utility Manager

Utility management includes managing water, electrical power, natural gas or anything else considered a utility. These managers supervise the facilities, plants and distribution systems that provide these utilities. Utility managers can work in either the public or private sectors.

The education needed depends on the utility you are managing. A bachelor’s degree or diploma in electrical engineering for power utilities, oil and gas engineering for natural gas, etc. Also, you will need supervisory experience before you become a manager.

The government prediction for utility manager jobs is that there will be 3,100 new jobs through 2024, and only 2,900 people to fill them.

4. Power Systems Electrician

Power systems electricians install, maintain, test and repair electrical grid equipment. Their work affects us all – they keep the electrical grid running!

This job requires a high school diploma and a four-year apprenticeship program.

The government predicts that the number of job openings and job seekers will be even five years from now.

5. Mining and Quarrying Supervisor

A mining and quarrying supervisor supervises employees who extract coal, minerals and ore from mines. Their duties range from operating heavy machinery, monitoring workers’ safety and administration such as ordering supplies.

The minimum qualification is secondary school, with some positions requiring a college or university program in mining or engineering. Some experience in the field is necessary. Many provinces and territories require further certification for underground or coal mining supervisors.

The mining profession has seen an increase of 29% in the past five years.

Hopefully, these rankings provided clarity for your career choices!