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Data Liabilities Are All Around You! To Stay Safe, Call Pro Shredders

We may live in an advanced and technological world, but it isn’t without risks. While the spotlight is often cast on the dangers posed by smartphones and hackers, data liabilities don’t need to be online to be dangerous.

Paper or electronic devices storing sensitive data pose the same level of risk as phishing scams, which have increased in frequency since the beginning of the pandemic. The easiest way to ensure you’re secure against any threats is to call a professional shredder.

Please continue reading to learn more about how their services work. 

Home Service for Paper Shredding

The pandemic has caused the trend of door-to-door service to surge, and professional shredding can be just as convenient. With one phone call, a mobile shredding truck will appear right in front of your home to shred your sensitive papers right then and there.

Many perfectly innocuous types of documents contain information that is private and can be very damaging if acquired by the wrong people. Keep the following documents secure or have them shredded by professionals:

  • Banking information
  • Tax forms
  • Contracts
  • Business presentations or business plans
  • Marketing material
  • Records with usernames and passwords

If you have one large volume of papers to shred, perhaps a backlog of neglected banker’s boxes of files, professional shredders will securely transport them to their facility to be destroyed. In either case, just call pro shredders, and they’ll handle everything promptly and conveniently.

Residential Data Destruction 

Probably every home has a device storing reams of confidential data that needs to remain private. If you are still using the device, make sure a password protects it with a mix of letters and numbers.

However, if the device no longer serves any purpose, you can’t just discard it thoughtlessly — this is how nightmares begin! The best residential data destruction services ensure that the device’s microchips are pulverized, so it’s impossible to retrieve whatever data the device once stored.

Only then is the risk of a privacy breach fully eliminated. 

Take Green Commitments Seriously

Every act of recycling makes an environmental difference, and recycling paper and e-waste adds up quickly. Even if you only have some documents that need shredding, don’t frequent a business unless you can verify that they take recycling seriously.

Recycling paper is vital, but e-waste is especially important to recycle carefully. Electronics often contain toxic components that need to be processed carefully. 

Check that the professional shredders you’re considering hiring have some Green achievements under their belt. Responsible recycling can save trees, divert waste from landfills, save thousands of gallons of water, reduce carbon emissions, and more. 

In case there weren’t enough data liabilities in people’s homes, the rise of remote working in response to the pandemic means everyone needs to be extra vigilant. If you have documents containing sensitive material or work-related electronics storing company data, get peace of mind today by calling a professional shredder to eliminate these liabilities.