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How the Top Five Music Apps Stack Up


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How the Top Five Music Apps Stack Up

Music apps provide the soundtrack of your life, so you want the best one for you. How do you choose? Here’s how the top five music apps stack up:


This is a great app for discovering music, because the playlists are curated by industry experts, and the music is from a variety of genres. This app learns what you like and gives suggestions.

Songza has what is called a Concierge feature, that makes suggestions based on the date, time and mood you might be in. For example, on a midweek evening it might suggest music that is quiet, for winding down.


Spotify is a top music streaming service, offering a huge catalog of songs. We’re talking over 20 million. Spotify offers curated playlists and podcasts that you won’t find anywhere else. It also offers custom radio stations.

You’ll only be able to play playlists in shuffle mode, though. Upgrading to Premium will stop the ads and give you other features, like the ability to download songs you can listen to offline.


Shazam isn’t so much a listening app as it is a music discovery app. In fact, you can’t listen to songs from this app. This app is for people who are really into music.

If you hear a song that you like in your surrounding environment, and you want to know more about it, pull up this app and tap a button and it will tell you the title of the song you’re listening to. Even if the song is old or underground. Then, it links directly to those song in Spotify or Rdio.

Finally!  You can easily find out what song you are really liking at a party, in a store or on TV. One tap will give you access to song lyrics, video clips and related tracks and streaming services.


Soundcloud offers songs that aren’t available anywhere else. That’s because it is the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform with 200 million tracks, and also, artists releasing new tracks, record labels releasing debut song and groups releasing unofficial remixes choose to do so on Soundcloud.

This is the place for those who like listening to the newest songs, and you will get suggestions based on your likes and listening habits.


Rdio is an up and comer. It can’t compete as far as number of songs and users, but their apps have better interfaces than Spotify’s, and the apps are better supported.

The interface is more intuitive and easier to use, and has a cool design.

Having more users makes Spotify superior to Rdio in a social aspect – there is a better ability to share music and create playlists with your friends. However, though not the largest, Rdio still has a large catalogue of songs, it has custom radio stations, and you can download songs for offline listening.

All of the music apps have their own features, and this list should help you decide based on your priorities.