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exciting giveaways to enter


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Unique Activities to Try at Home

Although many people are slowly returning to work and engaging in social activities after several months at home, most health and government officials continue to advise people to stay out of crowded areas as much possible. The COVID-19 virus is still spreading across the globe, and, likely, a vaccine won’t be widely available for many months.

The world is experiencing a time of considerable uncertainty. Many of us have learned how to adjust to a “new normal” way of life — creating things to do at home and communicating with loved ones using virtual programs such as Zoom and Skype. Are you finding innovative things to do? Even if you’re getting out a little more than a few months ago, you’re probably still spending quite a bit of time indoors. 

If you’re bored of scrolling through Netflix or looking at your face while chatting with friends online, check out these other fun activities to try at home. 

Throw an Indoor or Backyard Picnic

Remember how fun it was building blanket forts as a kid? Think of an indoor picnic as the adult version of blanket forts.

Find your favourite picnic blanket and create a delicious spread of your preferred picnic treats (wines, cheese, sandwiches, and so on). Throw the blanket on the floor of a big room in the house (or, if it’s warm enough, the backyard), get creative with decorations, and enjoy a lovely picnic at home with the family, or on your own!

Enter Online Contests

Have you looked at every single Netflix or Prime recommendation on your profile? Are you tired of looking at your Twitter feed because frankly, it’s pretty depressing and getting you down? Many people don’t realize that the internet is full of exciting giveaways to enter — free and easy to access. Whether you’re interested in technology, travel, cars, or healthy eating, there is an online contest for you.

For example, Gamespot recently held the ultimate gamer giveaway. One lucky winner took home the standard edition of the Final Fantasy VII remake and a PS4 Pro console. Five additional first-prize winners took home the standard edition of FF VII remake. To sign up for the contest, people needed to read the official rules on the site and fill out a short form. 

With the right online contest resource, you can find giveaways of all kinds. Check often, and enter daily!

Become a Master Chef

If you’re like thousands of others, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on delivery during this strange time. Why not use this time at home to your advantage and learn to master one or two extraordinary meals instead of spending money on takeout? 

Take your favourite type of cuisine and find a dish you’ve never tried to make before. Give yourself a goal of about one month, and learn to make the meal perfectly! It could be the most delicious boeuf bourguignon or mouth-watering Indian dal — whatever it is, once the lockdown is truly over, you’ll be able to impress your friends with your new-found talent.

So far, 2020 has been a year full of discomfort and change. If you can, make the most of the remainder of it and try these unique activities at home.