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If You Don’t Already, You Should Be Using Password Protecting Software


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If You Don’t Already, You Should Be Using Password Protecting Software

“Password strength is too weak,” “Fail to log in,” “Cannot use past passwords,” – all phrases that make you roll your eyes as you try to come up with the perfect password for all of your accounts. We all know using ‘1234’ or ‘password’ isn’t the smartest way to browse the Internet, but it’s so hard to remember the strong ones that are random with numbers and capital letters. Then there’s the constant resetting of passwords that you have to go through after forgetting the last password you chose. All of this frustration and hassle won’t be yours anymore if you use a password manager.

Cybersecurity Must-Haves: Password Managers

Although browsers already have a built-in password manager, it’s not as safe or focused on protecting your password since it has so many other tasks to do as you browse the web. Password protector software exists for the sole purpose of keeping your passwords strong and safe to make it more difficult for hackers to get into your important accounts.

Cybersecurity is something average users brush off as a priority because of, well, laziness. It’s easier to have the same password across your accounts because it’s easier to remember. But doing this makes it easy as pie for hackers to access your information. Websites are supposed to rehash or mix up your password to make it more difficult to construe, but many times, they don’t. A hacker can come upon your information, learn your password, and open the door into your data.

Password Protecting Software

Software such as LastPass or 1Password guards all of your passwords in one place and can be used across devices. Most importantly, password protecting software generates strong passwords that you don’t have to remember unless you come across a device that doesn’t support it. Then all you have to do is slowly enter a 30-character password from another device. What you do have to remember is the master password that should be equally complicated, but memorable. If you’re not good at remembering passwords, you can write it down on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe.

Do You Use a Password Protector Software?

If you don’t already, it’s highly recommended to use a password protector to replace any easily reusable old passwords that you’ve used. Simply put, using ‘P4$$w0rD’ can be easily unscrambled, but a password like ‘vuS{&(mjR2}C?m^b’ will be ten times more difficult to decipher. Considering the many, many accounts people have these days, it makes more sense to trust a software to remember your information since you, as hard as you try, can’t.

Not protecting your password is almost like keeping your door unlocked. Anyone can try to come in and easily will. But with proper security like a lock, camera, and alarm, the likelihood of strangers entering your house will be low. Protecting your personal data should be a priority since there are so many avenues to access them. Take the extra, smarter step and use a password protector to keep your valuable information secure.